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 I would like to show appreciation to the tutors and staff of AFI for their help and support rendered to my son in preparation of his PSLE in 2013.

During this crucial year, the tutors were very supportive and willing to put in extra effort for my son to prepare him for his PSLE. It sets my mind at ease that he is in good hands. The revision and the practices that he received from the tutors were of a great help to him. He was well-prepared and took a load off my mind.

 The door of AFI is always open – parents could always pop by and the staff is always ready to help.

Both my sons enjoyed their time at the centre. They do not just take lessons there, they also help themselves to the tidbits, storybooks and board games during break time.

 AFI is more than just a tuition centre to my children.

 Keep up the great job, AFI!


- Mrs Lam