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AFI has been a big help to my daughter Riya . Currently she has applied for three subjects English/Sciences and Mathematics, and her performance has improved in tests due to the coaching facilities provided by AFI . I sincerely thank AFI tutors for helping her to improve her performance. The teachers are very caring and look after the needs of each student.

 She gets ample practice to hone her skills at each subjects. After being in AFI for three years I can confidently say that her clarity of the concepts has profoundly improved. At AFI , the mentors are very approachable and are willing to go the extra mile to make the concepts crystal clear to her. I am greatful to Teacher Ivy for providing Motivation/Encouragement to the children and do the needful despite of her busy schedule .

My special thanks to English teacher Mrs Yam for taking extra time to prepare the children for PSLE Oral exam.


Poonam Bala

( Riya’s mother)