Jouise [Mother of Jowil (P3) & Joly (P1)]


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Dear Teacher Ivy:

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation towards your dedicated teaching to both of my children. You have a special way to connect to children. I am amazed at how you can draw and hold their short attention span effortlessly and impart them certain maths concept simultaneously.

They were certainly motivated and ecstatic when you used pizzas and apples to teach fraction… That was a brilliant move! It was little wonder that both my children scored band 1 when you made maths interesting for them! I am extremely thankful at how much you cared for children under your charge. Lesson dates were carefully planned for with them in mind to prepare them for CAs / SAs. Free extra lessons were often conducted, to ensure that they were well prepared for their tests/exams. In addition, children have free access to biscuits and books to keep them occupied, when we (working parents) were sometimes late to pick them up. We hope that you will continue teaching so that more children and parents can reap returns from your distinctive teaching.

I sincerely thank you again for all your valuable efforts made! ^_^ Note: Special thanks to Alnix for all the help rendered for the past 3 years!

Best Regards,

Jouise [Mother of Jowil (P3) & Joly (P1)]


- Jouise [Mother of Jowil (P3) & Joly (P1)]